Lottery strategy to help you win the Hong Kong

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Lottery numbers are taken randomly. But random numbers are patterns that can be tracked and used for our benefit. After thoroughly analyzing all the images in the last lottery results of more than 200 different lottery games around the world, with history dating back to 1955, we checked the following simple rules:

What may be most often.
What may happen itself very frequently.

The key to a successful way of choosing a smart lottery lottery number is to play probability. If you play a pattern that happens only 5% of the time, you can expect the pattern to lose 95% of the time, so you do not have a chance to win 95% of the time. Therefore, do not fight the possibility.

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When you choose your lottery number, try to have a mixture of individual numbers and individualities. All individual numbers or all numbers, occurring less than 3% of the time, are rarely taken. The best mixture is to be 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3, which means that two pairs are individual and four, four or individual, or even two, or even three or even three. One of these three patterns will occur in 81% of the images.

Low LOTTO Number of Tips

Winning numbers are usually spread throughout the number fields. If we take the digital plane and cut it in half, we have a low and a half height. In the 49-digit game, numbers 1 through 25 will be at the bottom, and numbers 26 to 49 will be at the top. All large numbers or all low numbers are rarely taken, only 3% of the time. The best mixture is to be 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3, which means two heights and four bottoms, or four heights and two drops, or three heights and three bottoms. Numbers of winning groups with these three patterns occur in 81 percent of all images.

Strategy Lottery Group Number

Look at the list of previous winners of Hong Kong Lotto, and you will often see that one or more of the numbers are unrepresented. For example, in groups 5-14-17-32-38-49, there is no 20s. Tracking and studying number groups can help you identify which groups to remove and which groups provide heavy games.

List of games that have been skipped since the last win (win) for each number won in the last five games. Then tick the number of times each jump occurs. If there is a jump of 0 to 5 that does not occur, turn on the Lotto number that comes out of many of those games. (Help work with Lotto games skipping.)


After you’ve identified the six numbers you want to run, add them together and make sure the total number of six numbers is increased to between 115 and 185. The amount you enter will cover more than 70 percent of all winning lottery prizes.
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On Hong Kong mark 6, on average, the lottery number of data hk will be one repeated hit of the last withdrawal of 56 percent of the time.
A secret lottery of the hot number

Figures that lost (lost) five games or less represent about half of the winners. Lost figures for seven games or less accounts for about two-thirds of all winning numbers. Figures out of ten games or less represent about three-quarters of the six winning numbers. This tells us that the most likely numbers will hit, but do not forget to include at least one long punch in your group of 6 people.


It is difficult to know when cold numbers will end the long chain of losses. If you play a number for each photo because you think it’s because of that, you can follow it for months. (Issue 45 in New York Lotto spent 100 photos before reaching the end). However, when the numbers came out of 70 games, it might be worth pursuing.